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Better Than Bouillon



Organic Chicken Base

5 of 5 Golden Spoons

I only discovered this amazing kitchen staple a few months ago. A fellow gourmand knows I regularly make chicken soup at home and am very particular about ingredients so he surprised me with a jar.   I’m one of those that buys an organic free-range chicken, roasts it, serves it for dinner and then boils the bones to make my own stock. A very time-consuming process…until now. Better Than Bouillon organic chicken base is a chef’s dream. It’s a concentrated paste made from organic chicken that has a crazy long shelf life. A couple of teaspoons in water with a few fresh veggies makes an astounding chicken soup. A touch added to mashed potatoes makes them even more yummy. And, a teaspoon added to just about any side dish is a bright rich surprise. You’ll always find an open jar in my fridge and another in my pantry. An 8 oz. Jar makes over 9.5 quarts of stock!! Retail price is $7.49 and it is offered in a variety of other flavors including beef, veggie, turkey, and even lobster! Costco often has this product for even less so it’s a real bargain. You can also find it in just about any gourmet retailer.

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