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El Terrat del Do, Barcelona

El Terrat del Do Food to Dish
el terrat del do food to dish
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What a spectacular find.  Just off Las Ramblas on a charming little placka, this gem of a restaurant has some of the most spectacular tapas on the planet. Every dish was sensational in presentation and palette. We started with the Padron peppers. Perfectly pan seared in olive oil and sea salt, this simply made dish was pure perfection and each bit a surprise due to the unpredictable heat of each tiny pepper.
Pardon peppers Food To Dish

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 We followed this with a plate of hand cut Iberian ham paired with a rustic tomato rubbed bread.  The ham melted in your mouth with a sweet and salty finish. You could practically taste the acorns fed to the black-hoofed pigs that are carefully tended to produce this delicacy. The tomato bread was crusty, crunchy, and the perfect compliment to the buttery ham.  I should mention that our charming server, Valeria, was attentive, clearly a foodie and full of recommendations.
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She suggested the next course, Patatas Brava, which are potatoes that deserve a standing ovation.  Cubes of potatoes that had been twice cooked; first boiled and then lightly fried.  Topped with a chipotle mayonnaise and pop of tomato coulis, the Patatas reimagined starch a side dish. We also enjoyed grilled endive with blue Reixago cheese and candied orange and fried calamari rings the size of bracelets in a light airy almost tempura batter.  El Terrat del Do is a most-Do if you ever have the marvelous good fortune of dining al fresco in Barcelona.
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