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Turbo Whisk Gadget

turbo whisk food to dish

4 of 5 Golden Spoons

So I bought this odd little device at a street fair. You know, one of those booths where a chef is doing a demo of the next “revolutionary” kitchen tool. When I walked up, the Turbo Whisk was being used to whip non-fat milk. Seemed impossible, but this high-velocity rotary tool has a handle that, when continuously pushed down, rotates a stainless-steel whisk at incredible speeds. It did, indeed whip non-fat milk into a light fluffy froth that could be spooned on deserts or coffee. Further demonstrations showed the whisk in action scrambling eggs, making homemade mayonnaise, and creating quick oil and vinegar salad dressings. I was skeptical, but shelled out $15 and took the Turbo Whisk home.


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