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Veggetti Gadget Review

Vegetti Food To Dish


2 Golden Spoons

Okay. So I was sold on the infomercial hype.  Veggetti seemed like a cool tool to spiral your way to oodles of vegetable “noodles.”  Just twist a zucchini into this little gadget and you have ribbons of fresh veggie strips for a quick stir fry.  I’ve been doing this myself for years with an old fashioned vegetable peeler but this seemed so much easier I had to give it a go.  Since I didn’t want to wait a few days for the TV offer, I went online and discovered that Bed, Bath, & Beyond and them in stock so I rushed out to the store and, $14.99 later, I had my Veggetti in hand.

I decided to test a zucchini, just like on TV.  What I quickly realized is that, unlike with the traditional peeler, you needed your veg to be just the right size for the twisting tube.  Too big and it won’t fit and too small and you run the risk of slipping and grating off a fingertip.  Ouch.  I almost actually did this.

So, with the perfect sized legume, I quickly grated a nice little bowl of noodles.  However, there is a lot of waste involved as you can’t twist the entire veg in the grater.  You lose an inch or so.  I also tried a carrot.  Not quite the right size and not quite as effective.  Bottom line.  It’s a fun idea but other kitchen tools do the trick more easily and veg-effectively.  I hate to waste food.  Only 2 Golden Spoons for the Veggetti.  Nice try, but really more of a gimmick than a must-have tool.

Graviti Pepper Mill

pepper mill

4 out of 5 Golden Spoons

I’m always on the look-out for a great pepper mill. I must own a dozen or so, from old-fashioned manual twist-tops to fancy rechargeable push-button models.  However, a couple of months ago I bought a Graviti battery powered pepper mill from Trudeau. What a find.  The Graviti has no button to push.  You simply flip it over and it starts grinding.  If you’re like me, you often have your hands full in the kitchen, especially when seasoning meat and poultry.


Better Than Bouillon



Organic Chicken Base

5 of 5 Golden Spoons

I only discovered this amazing kitchen staple a few months ago. A fellow gourmand knows I regularly make chicken soup at home and am very particular about ingredients so he surprised me with a jar.   I’m one of those that buys an organic free-range chicken, roasts it, serves it for dinner and then boils the bones to make my own stock. A very time-consuming process…until now. Better Than Bouillon organic chicken base is a chef’s dream. It’s a concentrated paste made from organic chicken that has a crazy long shelf life. A couple of teaspoons in water with a few fresh veggies makes an astounding chicken soup. (more…)

Turbo Whisk Gadget

turbo whisk food to dish

4 of 5 Golden Spoons

So I bought this odd little device at a street fair. You know, one of those booths where a chef is doing a demo of the next “revolutionary” kitchen tool. When I walked up, the Turbo Whisk was being used to whip non-fat milk. Seemed impossible, but this high-velocity rotary tool has a handle that, when continuously pushed down, rotates a stainless-steel whisk at incredible speeds. It did, indeed whip non-fat milk into a light fluffy froth that could be spooned on deserts or coffee. Further demonstrations showed the whisk in action scrambling eggs, making homemade mayonnaise, and creating quick oil and vinegar salad dressings. I was skeptical, but shelled out $15 and took the Turbo Whisk home.


The Rice Cube Gadget

the rice cube

4 Golden Spoons

My local gourmet store had a demonstration of this handy device that takes plain sushi rice and presses it into spectacular little gourmet squares. The apparatus is simple and really just involves a sliding panel that fits into a cube base. You join the two pieces together, lift the hinged top and pack rice and chosen fillings into a well that is formed in the base. A simple squeeze and you can cube just about anything; risotto, polenta, potato, cheese, etc. The trick is to have a mixture that has enough starch or stickiness to hold your other ingredients together. I steamed some plain jasmine rice, let it cool, filled half of the well with rice and then followed with a couple of bits of pickled beets for color. I put a bit more rice on top and engaged the press to create a beautiful white and pink cube that slid easily out of the device once pressing was complete.


Salt Vinegar Potatoes

1 lb potatoes cut ¼ inch thick lengthwise
2 cups white vinegar
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Coarse Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper

Bring potatoes and vinegar to a boil in a medium saucepan. Vinegar should cover the potatoes. Reduce heat to simmer until just fork tender (about 5 minutes). Let potatoes cool in vinegar for 30 minutes. Drain well and toss with olive oil, salt & pepper.
Grill the slices on a barbecue or in the oven on a rack for about 5 minutes per side. Sprinkle with salt before serving.

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Basque Bacon Wrapped Tournedos With Stilton Garnish

4 Filet Mignon Steaks, 1 ½ to 2 inches thick
Basque Marinade
Uncooked Bacon Slices
Garlic Salt

Place the filets in a large zip lock bag. Pour in approximately ½ cup of Basque Marinade. Close the bag, removing as much air as possible. Marinate for 20-30 minutes. Remove the steaks from the bag and wrap a slice of bacon all the way around the sides of the filets. You may need more than one slice of bacon to wrap the entire filet. Secure with tooth-picks. Dust the filets lightly with garlic salt, just prior to grilling or broiling to taste. Serve with a touch of crumbled Stilton Cheese as garnish.

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Gadget of the Week! SodaStream


Four Golden Spoons

So, a number of my friends had suggested that I buy one of these things, but I guess I’m a late fizzer.  Finally picked one up at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week for $89 with one of those 20% off coupons that seem to multiply by themselves (must have dozens lying around the house, in my car, and at office).   Got my SodaStream home, set it up with little effort, and was quickly creating my own sparking water.

The unit allowed me to control the levels of spritz from lightly fizzy to crazy bubblicious.  Of course, I chose bubblicious.  Only took seconds to create my first liter.  It came with a variety-pack of flavors, from cola to root beer to diet soda, which you add after fizzing.  However, being the daring gourmet that I am, I created my first flavor myself.


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