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dish – Creative Cuisine, Palm Springs, Review


2 Golden Spoons

Dishing dish

I’ve been to dish before and was dish-appointed.  However, friends pushed me to give it another try.  I decided to stop by for lunch.  I sat in the bar area.  Looks nice, but the high-boy tables with low back seats are really uncomfortable.  Also of note, at noon, the place was empty.  Hmm.  I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich.  The description sounded lovely.  White cheddar, guacamole, zucchini, mushrooms and sprouts.  $12  Served with pomme frites or a Caesar salad for an additional $2.  I opted for the Caesar.  The service was friendly but the delivery was slow.  A little surprising considering the lack of customers and the simplicity of the dish.  Took about 35 minutes.  When the plate arrived, the presentation was actually quite nice.  The sandwich was diagonally sliced into two halves, perfectly stacked on top of one another and secured with an embellished toothpick.  The Caesar was neatly set to the side, lightly dressed and the romaine was beautifully dark and fresh.  My mouth was watering.  I picked up the sandwich and took my first bite, expecting something special.  But…the sandwich was dry with way too many sprouts and almost no cheese!!!  The raw zucchini and mushrooms were a nice touch, but again, dry and overpowering and there was almost no guacamole.  This really was a misrepresented dish.  More like grilled bread with a load of veg, no seasoning, and little flavor.  What a disappointment.  And on to the Caesar.  How could such a sumptuous looking salad be so bland and flavorless?  I guess the beauty of dish lies in the presentation, but I have to dish dish when it comes to timing, texture, and taste.

Tyler’s, Palm Springs, Ca., Review


tylers burgers

4 1/2 Golden Spoons

Tyleriffic – Best Fast Causal Burgers

Tyler’s Burgers in Palm Springs has been a well-known haunt in Palm Springs for locals and visitors since 1996.  I have no idea why I’ve waited so long to visit this place, by today was finally the day. A terrific outdoor setting in Palm Spring’s historic downtown Plaza shopping area, Tyler’s offers terrific fast-casual fare. We tried two of their burgers with an order of fries to share. The traditional Cheese Burger was moist, perfectly cooked and loaded with lettuce, pickles, and onions on a wonderfully soft bun. Yum. tyler burger palm springs

Like the burger you expect at a great a family picnic. Fresh ingredients, a generous patty, and a simple presentation in a paper lined basket. The Turkey Burger had similar traits. Again, moist and delicious. What a value at $7.50 with full table service. tyler burgers palm springs

We were lucky enough to be seated in Michelle’s area. Greeted with a warm smile and lots of menu suggestions. Michelle was attentive, engaging, and spot-on to make sure our iced teas were bottomless. We also ordered a small order of fries.  Crisp, nicely salted, and hot out-of-the kitchen. Delicious and only $3.50 for a portion that was so generous that we had enough to take home for an afternoon snack.

tyler 3

I honestly think that you can’t beat Tyler’s for a quick lunch that is a terrific alternative to flavorless fast-food and over-priced pretentious gourmet burger restaurants. And, again, ask for Michelle if you are looking for super service.

Pomme Frite, Palm Springs, Ca., Review


pomme frite Food To Dishpomme frite 1 Food To Dish

A Rare Experience

Friends have been encouraging us for years to dine at Palm Springs’ only French/Belgian Bistro, Pomme Frite. I have no idea why we shied away from making a visit until recently, but we were really missing out on a wonderful charming dining experience. Our first outing was for lunch. The Owner, Jean-Claude Constant, greeted us and escorted us to a lovely street-side table in an adorable café style setting with quaint French music playing in the background. We were immediately offered drinks and given menus.

A delectable selection of traditional and innovative fare were offered including an extensive assortment of mussel dishes. I was immediately drawn to the Petite Steak Tartare with Toasts. A “rare” find anywhere today, but I’d never seen it in Palm Springs! If not done right, it can be absolutely awful, not to mention unhealthy. I had to order it.
beef (more…)

Crisp Smoky Pizza – Bravo

Match box foodtodish

Match Box, Palm Springs, Ca. 

4 Golden Spoons

One of my favorite places for lunch, Matchbox in Palm Springs, has some of the best thin-crust pizzas this side of Italy! They tell me that the trick is a wood-fired masonry oven that heats up to over 800 degrees which gives the pizza a crisp, smoky crust. They also have a selection of fantastic appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees, but I always gravitate when having lunch for two to split a salad and small pizza. Today, we started with a delightful salad special of sliced pickled cucumbers with an assortment of toy box tomatoes topped with micro-greens. The cucumbers are sweet, tart, and crisp and the tomatoes are tossed in a wonderful tangy herb vinaigrette.

salad matchbox food to dish

It’s actually the perfect marriage of flavors and textures. Delish. We accompanied that with the restaurant’s signature pizza bread. Shaped like a pretzel and sprinkled with coarse salt, it is crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy (in a good way) on the inside. Served with house-made garlic herb butter, this is one of my favorite breads on the planet. For our pizza course, we shared a small pizza which Matchbox will let you mix half and half. (more…)

Great Food, Great Service, & Great Value

billy reed's Food to Dish

Billy Reed’s, Palm Springs, Ca.

4 ½ Golden Spoons

This is actually a tough restaurant to review.  One of my absolute favorites in Palm Springs for so many reasons.  I’ve had dozens and dozens of meals there over the years and have never been disappointed.  Consistently great comfort food and exceptional friendly service in a homey setting.  It’s the kind of place that my grandparents used take me to when I was a child that we considered “fancy” for special occasions that today I know as just a great place for every day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (more…)

A Wipe Out!

hacienda beach club

Hacienda Cantina and Beach Club, Palm Springs, Ca.

One Golden Spoon

The much anticipated Hacienda Cantina & Beach Club recently closed just weeks after opening. I can understand why. Not only is the concept of a beach club without a hotel located in a parking lot next to a department store that caters to seniors a seemingly absurd concept, but the food, atmosphere, and service were lackluster and destined for a failure from the start. I must admit that we only went to the Hacienda for weekend lunch so I can’t give comment on the dinner service, so keep that in mind when reading this review. However, there were so many major things wrong with lunch that it’s almost embarrassing to detail. When we arrived, we parked in the lot and walked thru the back. Only a few people at the very small pool with a massive outdoor lounging area.


Circa 59, Riviera Resort, Palm Springs Ca.


circa 59

Hot Cool Surprise

Four Golden Spoons

I had looked at the menu on-line and actually wasn’t very impressed, but decided to go ahead give this restaurant a try. It’s just off the pool of the trendy Riviera Hotel. It was over 100 degrees outside the night we choose to visit, but the cool black and red interior with its massive matching chandeliers and hip furnishings made for a “chill” hip and luxurious vibe. We were seated in a plush high-back booth and were quickly greeted by our waiter, Lance. We started with martinis which Lance was kind enough to deliver with olives hand-stuffed to order with blue cheese.


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