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Gadget of the Week! SodaStream


Four Golden Spoons

So, a number of my friends had suggested that I buy one of these things, but I guess I’m a late fizzer.  Finally picked one up at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week for $89 with one of those 20% off coupons that seem to multiply by themselves (must have dozens lying around the house, in my car, and at office).   Got my SodaStream home, set it up with little effort, and was quickly creating my own sparking water.

The unit allowed me to control the levels of spritz from lightly fizzy to crazy bubblicious.  Of course, I chose bubblicious.  Only took seconds to create my first liter.  It came with a variety-pack of flavors, from cola to root beer to diet soda, which you add after fizzing.  However, being the daring gourmet that I am, I created my first flavor myself.


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